Dangerous Food For Dogs

Just like any other pet, you should really pay attention to your dog for example as in feeding. You need to know what can be eaten and what should not be eaten by your pet dog. Yes, your employer might just as often unknowingly give your dog any food. Though it tersbeut very dangerous and can threaten your dog. Therefore, before anything bad happens to your dog because you are wrong feeding, here are information about some foods are dangerous and should not be given to dogs.
1. Wine
Although tasty for humans, but for dogs fruit this one is very dangerous. Meskipu is still unknown chemical constituents and any compound found in grapes are toxic to dogs, but found some cases Yag prove if the wine has great effects Harmful to dogs. Good wine fresh or foods such as raisins olahannnya equally dangerous and is not recommended to be given to your dog. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Symptoms are caused from one fruit is quite varied and there is also a possibility does not appear any symptoms. In addition to kidney failure, the dog is given a wine can be vomiting and diarrhea with the state body that elmas and lethargic. Grapes and raisins can cause dehydration and reduces appetite. As a result of kidney failure caused by consuming wine is the death of a dog which usually occurs within three to four days.
2. Avocado
Part avocado such as fruit, leaves, seeds and bark contain a toxin called persin. Avocados can have different effects depending on the variety. Usually effects experienced by dogs after eating avocado adakag abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, and a buildup of fluid in the chest. However, from all parts of the avocado, the most dangerous for dogs is on the seeds. Avocado seed slippery texture makes it very vulnerable to being swallowed by a dog resulting in a risk of obstruction of the digestive tract.
3. Middle Part Apples
Who would have thought that this delicious fruit turned out to be very dangerous for dogs. The most dangerous part on apples for dogs is at the center of the fruit. That's because in the middle of an apple contains cyanogenic glycosides or better known as cyanide. Some of the symptoms caused when the dog eats the apple cores are dizziness, difficulty in breathing, seizures, fainting, hyperventilation, shock, and even coma. Not only apple. But in the middle of plums, peaches, por, and apricots are also very dangerous for dogs.
4. Flour Yeast Dough
Raw yeast dough from bread making too dangerous to dogs because if ingested can cause the dough to ferment in the stomach of the dog and eventually become toxic. In addition to the toxins of alcohol produced in the stomach, yeast dough can also expand in the stomach of your dog so that it can create gas in large quantities in the digestive system. As a result, it can cause the dog's stomach becomes seriously ill and can damage the digestive system such berpotemsi usu tract in dogs. In addition, dogs can be vomiting, stomach discomfort, and her body felt weak and listless. If left unchecked it can be very dangerous and can cause death.

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