Pokemon Go, thrill Hunting Pokemon In Real World

Who is not familiar with the Pokemon movie? Yes, the animation artificial cherry country is indeed very well known throughout the entire world. Surely you want to be able to feel the excitement of hunting pokemon like Satoshi and his friends. Hunting Pokemon in the real world it seems impossible to do. However, it turns out now that you can do, you know. More recently Pokemon Company in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic released a new game called Pokemon Go. The game is a game that brings Augmented Reality (AR) which allows the players can hunt in the real world by using their smartphone device.
How to play this game very easily, ie, every player will serve as trainers tasked to collect as many Pokemon scattered in many places in the real world. This is what makes this gama be exciting and instantly famous around the world in just a few days from the time of release. You are required to visit various places to catch a Pokemon that is in place.
Requirements to play Pokemon Go is that you are required to turn on the GPS during play, this is done so that you can know the location of Pokemon, Gym, and PokeStop. If no one yet knows, PokeStop is a special location that will provide essential items such as Poke Ball, potions, revive, until the eggs Pokemon. When catch pokemon, will serve as a smartphone screen viwewfinder so that you will be able to see the form of Pokemon in 3D on your ssmartphone screen. As for your information, the location is usually dependent on the type Pokemon pokemon itself. Pokemon Staryu example of the type of water, you can find the pokemon in the area contained water like a pool or a river.
Pokemon Go excitement is not limited as much as possible to catch Pokemon alone. As a trainer, you have to be able to raise your level. When it level 5 you will be able to do battle in the gym with other Pokemon. Additionally, you can also exchange ddengan Pokemon Go the other players. Very exciting is not it?
Although this game is very well known, but unfortunately Pokemon GO is not yet available in the Google Play Store and the new Indonesian official in tertenntu ssaja countries such as North America, Australia, and New Zealand. But do not be sad, you can download the APK file of this game via the Google search engine. But remember, not all smartphones can be played a gamma this. There are special requirements to be able to play this game. That is if you are using samrtphone Android smartphone operating system you are required to have a minimum of Jellybean 4.3. whereas if it's required to have a smartphone iPhone operating system iOS 8.2. This game is also not compatible smartphone that has an Intel processor.
This game is really popular in the world were eagerly. Though only released in some countries, but this one game has been played by many people around the world, including Indonesia. It has an impact on server Niantic who have excess capacity. Niantic parties as developers even overwhelmed and they would have to increase the capacity of the server. In fact, reportedly, the Philippines was blocked by the Niantic because too many people who play Pokemon Go in the country. Yet as we know if the Philippines does not include countries that accept the release of the game.
Although the game is fun, but you remain cautious while playing yes. Because when you play this game the focus will be divided between the environment around the smartphone screen.

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